Don’t Blush!

(I have retitled this old piece from last year, in the vain hope of deterring some dodgy spammers who seem to have misunderstood this post.)

Many of us woke up this morning to see photos of Matt Smith not wearing his fez or bow-tie. Nor shirt for that matter. Trousers? Nope. The Doctor was completely dis (spam spam spam) robed in an apparently comic moment from the upcoming Christmas special. This comes as something of a relief as I had been worrying that Matt’s final episode would be something of a gloomfest. Here’s hoping we will have some laughs along the way, before the final curtain falls. The best of the Eleventh’s funniest moments, in a “Carry on Doctor Who” no less. Ooer Clara! It isn’t the first time the Doctor has gone des (ditto) habille. Let’s have a sneaky peek! No blushing please!

The Second Doctor goes for a swim in “The Enemy of the World”

The Third Doctor taking a post-regenerative shower in “Spearhead from Space”

The Ninth Doctor didn’t find stri pping fantastic in this scene from “Dalek”

The Tenth Doctor, or rather the human Doctor, surprises Donna in “Journey’s End”

Amy looks on with interest as the Eleventh Doctor chooses his new attire in “The Eleventh Hour”

Number Eleven streeps again in this famous scene from “The Lodger”

And he’s at it again in “The Time of the Doctor”!

Let’s pray that last picture was not taken just before the regeneration scene. Otherwise Peter Capaldi will be making quite an entrance! 

Oh I nearly forgot! Doctor One shares a sauna with Nero in “The Romans”


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