Yes! You too can have your very own pair of Capaldeyes (as seen on CNET!)! Be the envy of your friends as you welcome the Twelfth Doctor into the Whoniverse, wearing the hippest eyewear this side of Gallifrey. You can quite literally be “The Watcher” to the Eleventh Doctor as you bid him farewell on Christmas Day. How? It’s easy! You don’t have to be K9, Zoe, Romana or even Adric to make them! Just follow the simple instructions below.

1. Save the image above onto your PC, tablet or robotic dog.
2. Using your favourite photo editing software, change the dimensions to A4 size (210 x 297 mm). If the Master has used his tissue compression eliminator on you, you may need to experiment with different sizes.
3. Print out the image onto paper or cardboard.
4. Being extremely careful, cut along the dotted lines for the whole length of the mask. Cut out the eyes.
5. Pierce the holes on the left and right and attach a piece of string.

TA DA! There you have it. Your very own Capaldeyes! Wear them with pride as you tune into “The Time of the Doctor”, but whatever you do, don’t shed a tear for Number Eleven! Your Capaldeyes might get soggy!

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