The Doctor’s Beard

Many of us will have tuned into “The Musketeers” in the hope of getting to know the new Doctor a little better and to admire the acting skills of Peter Capaldi who plays the scheming scoundrel Cardinal Richelieu. It’s the part he was playing when he discovered he had bagged the role of the Doctor and the nearest thing to the Twelfth Doctor we are going to get till those frustratingly far-off days of autumn. But the beard is a little distracting, a little “undoctorly” perhaps. Yes, alright, our mate Moffo gave us John Hurt’s bearded “War Doctor” but he doesn’t count as we aren’t going to see him again. So let’s take a look at some pics of the twelve actors who have played the Doctor as they sport some serious facial hair. It’s certainly going to be a long wait to the next season and we have to keep ourselves amused somehow! 

A bearded Doctor? A “Cardinal” sin?

What is it with the Moff and beardy Doctors? Eleven grew this scruffy one in jail in “Day of the Moon”. What with Hurt, could our beloved showrunner be preparing us psychologically for a Twelfth with facial hair? One thing is for sure, by the time he’s got his costume, his beard will be as long as Gandalf’s!

“Time to go to the barber’s Dave!” “I don’t want to go!”

Christopher Eccleston with a “fantastic” beard!

If Time Lords dressed like bankers, no wonder they were so unpopular in the Time War!

Sylvester McCoy with a bearrrrd playing Radagast in “The Hobbit” 

 The side effects of carrot juice?

 Or celery juice, for that matter!

We’ve all seen Tom with a beard in “The Leisure Hive” but maybe not as a voodoo painter from Amicus’s 1973 “The Vault of Horror”.

Jon Pertwee plays an Egyptian soothsayer in “Carry on Cleo” (1964)

Patrick Troughton plays Archon, leader of the interestingly named “Dorcons”, in Space 1999

Mmm, what’s that my boy? A beard? Dearie me, no no no no!” Hartnell doesn’t quite go all the way. But he will more than make up for it with the occasional “Billy Fluff” in the series! So that’s it! Will we survive the wait to Series 8? It’s certainly going to be a close shave!

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