Part of the thrill of ‘Doctor Who’ is the element of surprise. Each week you turn on and you never know where the Tardis is going to end up! When I was a child, ‘Doctor Who’ wasn’t the only television programme to enthuse me this way each week. I would wait with baited breath to see who would come rotating out of the ‘Trumpton’ box, which costume ‘Mr Benn’ would wear for his latest adventure, and which window we would zoom through on ‘Play School’. I just loved the randomness and unpredictability of it all. 

Years later as a teenager I would devour episodes of American time-travel series “Quantum Leap”. I loved how its protagonist Sam randomly leaped through time and possessed a different stranger’s body each week. To my eyes he was a human Tardis. Sam then looked in a mirror and exclaimed “Oh boy!” at his latest predicament. Now whenever “Doctor Who Magazine” pops through the letter box, my reaction is identical. I turn straight to Steven Moffat’s page. What aspect of Doctor Who will he be writing about this month? I’ll say it again. I love surprises. 

When I took the brave step of joining Twitter a few years back, I knew that my tweets had to be about Doctor Who. It’s practically all I know! But anything I wrote had to be original. Doctor Who had been around for almost 50 years and, like many other long term fans, I was beginning to believe that almost everything that could be said about the good Doctor had already been said. I didn’t want to regurgitate old opinions – “The Gunfighters is cr*p!” and other such tropes and cliches.  No ‘cosmic hobo’ this, ‘It isn’t as good as it used to be’ that! I decided – in order to be original – I had make my tweets personal. Easier said than done, when your own Doctor Who passion had always been an intensely private and personal affair. Even my nearest and dearest hadn’t the foggiest about the wild and crazy Whovian ideas constantly materialising in my mind. But now was no time to be shy. I had to bite the bullet. Just as the Watcher blended into the Fourth Doctor – Twitter, Doctor Who and myself were about to merge into one. 

“Quantum Leap” provided me with the necessary inspiration for how to start up on Twitter. I decided that, like Sam, I would leap backwards and forwards through time, in this case through my own personal timestream and write about my Doctor Who experiences in tweets. Though Twitter is a social network intended for reporting what is happening right here and now, I would tweet from different time zones in my life! Randomly! Every tweet a surprise! Hence the name “Whovian Leap”. Day after day I would reminisce about all my Whovian experiences and tweet them. Slowly but surely my Twitter feed was turning into a diary, not quite covering 500 hundred years, but an impressive 140 character one nevertheless! 

However, as time passed, I felt that I needed more. I wanted to expand on my ideas. “Whovian Leap” needed its own site. The site would be about the show itself and I would use Twitter for sharing the best of Doctor Who on the Twittersphere. 

But one thing wouldn’t change. The subject matter of my articles on the main site would always be random. I didn’t want to lose the element of surprise. 

Let’s take a look at “Whovian Leap” on Twitter in its original form. And feel free to read the tweets in any order – like the Tardis should be, totally random!


















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