Dalekanium Delights!

Watching “Into the Dalek” has been a reassuring experience. This episode has ticked more boxes than a Coal Hill School teacher giving an A grade. Last week saw the Doctor deserving to be sent to a “shrink” and this week…yes, you know – a diminutive Doctor travelling through the eye-piece and beyond…

Though the Dalek action scenes weren’t as visually impressive as in 2005’s “Dalek”, they made for an exciting and fast-paced adventure. When I first saw the Dalek defence spheres I thought “Oh my giddy antibodies! Not Toclafane!” but fortunately I was wrong. 

The witty scenes in the school reminded me of Steven Moffat’s “Coupling”. Were those his contribution to the script, I wonder? Plus the Missy one, of course. His co-credits on the titles are very probably deserved.

Danny Pink is instantly personable and I look forward to some romance between him and our Clara. It is indeed a wise move introducing RTD style soap elements, to keep the casual viewers on board, whilst they get used to the new Doctor. Younger viewers will also immediately identify with the school location. These are the elements which keep the show grounded.

The most important question regards Capaldi’s Doctor. Though shrinking into a Dalek, is he growing on us? I think so. He seemed more subdued and reflective tonight. He is quite a contrast to the whirling gesticulating Smith. His lack of manners are entertaining and the Doctor feels alien and unpredictable again. 

So, it is with some relief that I can say that all is well on the good ship Who. I’m sure the overnights won’t be fantastic, but with the whole world watching, are our isle’s TV ratings so important anymore?

I am looking forward to some Robin Hood-based merriment next week. If we see the Doctor exercising his comedy chops, this can only help improve the general public’s perception of him. 

And if we see Danny again, I’ll be tickled pink!


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