Everything I do, I do it for Who!

Well, my lord, I wasn’t expecting that! Carry on Robin? Carry on Doctor? A serious Doctor in a silly story? Well, yes, methinks thou hast charmed me – big time! This was Capaldi’s charm offensive. Two episodes late. Just as a silly Sylvester doesn’t work in a silly story like “Paradise Towers” or “Delta and the Bannermen”, perhaps a dark Doctor doesn’t work in a dark story. But here the Twelfth Doctor shone, as his grumpy self contrasted with the frivolous events around him.

This merry tale was fun, fun, fun. No looking at my watch – the forty five minutes just flew by. Robin’s world felt real. I can’t remember the actors’ names and little do I care. They were their characters. I was in Sherwood. I woke up and smelt the leaves. 

Spooning with the Doctor? Oh, yes please. This freshly-shirted Doctor captured viewers’ hearts right from the outset. And Clara or rather Jenna stole the show yet again. Miss Coleman astounds me every episode. Every week. More and more. I never thought any companion could outshine Billie Piper’s Rose. But Jenna did. If she ever leaves, Moffat I shalt curse thee!

I feel as if I have got off a roller coaster. I’m giddy. Oh, why can’t Who be like this every week? Maybe this story should have been Capaldi’s first. Let’s get to know the Doctor through his adventures, rather than shining the spotlight on him. All hail the Great Gatiss! If this be his stake to fame, his claim to the crown of showrunner, begads, may he seize it now! 

I have nothing to fault in this tale. As in all the best Robert Holmes stories, I have been carried along on the crest of the wave, breathless. Too excited to have any doubts. Too ecstatic to be a party-pooper and voice any criticisms. 

In conclusion, let’s just call for this Robin Hood adventure to be novelised by Terrance Dicks straight away. After all, it has the requisites. On ‘target’ ? Verily it was!


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