Diddy dum! Diddy dum!

Flatline’s pre-credits sequence grabbed the viewer right from the offset and never really let go. Trapped within a wall, the first victim’s demise was utterly chilling and set the scene for one of the eeriest and spookiest Doctor Who stories of recent times. 

And as the new Doctor Who theme music chimed in, I was reminded of how Christmassy those bells sound. It’s quite appropriate. When Doctor Who is on TV, every week is Christmas!

‘Doctor Who’ is in a good place at the moment. We have accepted Capaldi as the Doctor. We tune in just to enjoy the episodes, not to see how is playing the Doctor. And Moff and company are coming up trumps with their scripts. The show has become a guarantee of quality Saturday night entertainment. There hasn’t been one clunker this year. (Yes, I have reassessed ‘Time Heist’ – my prejudices just got the better of me.) As for the ratings, despite last night’s dip in the overnights, we have nothing to worry about – viewing figures are bound to go up for the epic season finale.

In ‘Flatline’, it felt as if classic Who concepts, moments and ideas had been thrown into a wizard’s cauldron and something magic came bubbling out. We had the miniaturisation concept from ‘Planet of the Giants’ and ‘Carnival of Monsters’, the runaway train from “The Deadly Assassin”, the tunnels of “The Web of Fear”, “The Talons of Weng Chiang” and “Attack of the Cybermen” and the domesticity and urban reality of “Survival”. Mix those magic ingredients together with an original concept of 2D graffiti monsters and you are onto a winner. Who would have thought that in a world obsessed with 3D, 2D would have been so effective and scary? And surely,  carrying a diminutive Doctor and Tardis around in your pocket is a fanboy’s dream come true. Would you ‘Addams’ and Eve it?! Just imagine, if he was really there, in our jacket pocket or school bag, ready to get us out of any fix we stumbled into. This could even be a CBBC Doctor Who spin-off in the making!

As we grow to love the new Doctor, we have an inverse relationship with Doc-disser, Danny Pink. When the Twelfth was acting cruelly towards Clara, we liked the cool Danny for being a shoulder to ‘cryon’. But now that the Doctor’s relationship with her is blossoming, the ex-soldier represents a threat. We are scared that Clara will choose the blue-eyed boy over the blue box and leave the series.

A great episode came to an intriguing conclusion with the reappearance of the heavenly ‘Mary Popyourclogs’, Missy. It was most curious to see her on her Apple device. But in the context of tonight’s episode, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate, if her iPad had been a ‘Mini’!

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