A Marvellous Mistake!

(What secret lies within Issue 25 of Marvel’s Doctor Who Weekly?)
I have been a regular subscriber to Doctor Who Magazine since the very beginning in 1979 when the magazine came out in its “weekly” incarnation. The mind-blowing combo of Target novels, Denys Fisher dolls, the Fourth Doctor’s TV exit, Doctor Who Weekly and then Doctor Who Monthly were the magic ingredients, a potion worthy of the Sisterhood of Karn, which would regenerate me into a true Whovian. 

Back in 1980, Doctor Who Weekly’s letters page was called “Who Cares!” and published photos of its readers (see above). At the tender age of nine, how could I resist sending in my own? But I was unlucky.

My little brother, three years younger than myself, had a go. He didn’t know how to spell our address, so our mother wrote it out for him. Or was it our father? That particular detail will remain forever shrouded in the mists of my fading memory. Both, however, have quite “distinctive” handwriting and one of the two wrote the name of our little village near York. 
A few weeks later, I was flicking through the pages of “Doctor Who Weekly” and I glanced at “Who Cares!”. What did I see, but my brother’s little baby face looking out at me! They had actually published his photo. The whole family was so excited. But then we saw the address…

The magazine had, quite forgivably, misread my mum/dad’s handwriting and printed not the name of our little village “near York” but “New York”. Had the fledgling magazine believed they had found their first ever American reader and honoured him with a photo? I didn’t really care, I was happy – they had printed my brother’s photo in my favourite magazine!

And his luck didn’t end there. A few years later my brother wrote to JNT and received Bonnie Langford’s photo and autograph. But that’s a story for another day…


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