JNT / Grade Letters

Russell T Davies has recently said that “Twitter would be set on fire” if any attempt was made to cancel Doctor Who. Back in the eighties fans worried about the hiatus and ultimate fate of their beloved show were not able to use social media to organise any protest against the senseless machinations of the then BBC hierarchy. But we did protest. Überfans of the day organised a novelty pop record to promote the cause. Other fans wrote to the BBC. I am publishing the letters which the BBC sent to younger teenage incarnations of my brother and myself, deeply concerned about the future of the series. 

In happier and more carefree times I had already written to producer JNT. I had met Peter Davison at Longleat and now was optimistic about meeting his successor.

In the absence of apps such as WhoNews, I would pester the production office for information about the new series. 

My brother wrote too.

I just wish that I could go back in time. I would reassure myself that there was no need to worry. I would have to wait a long time, but everything was going to be alright.


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