Whither Now Impossible Girl?

She’s staying. Hooray! 

But for how long? And how will she leave? 

With very few concrete facts about Series 9 for our pudding brains to ponder over, it is time for some wild and shameless speculation about Clara’s eventual fate. Accuse me of jumping the gun, but now is the perfect to time to unleash the imagination. With no leaks or gossip to worry about, let’s just close our eyes and enjoy our own personal flights of fantasy through the Whoniverse.

It is reasonable to expect that Clara is unlikely to stay on board the good ship Tardis beyond Series 9. Like Tegan back in the Eighties, would she be allowed to run the risk of being the regular companion to almost three Doctors. No bad thing, some may argue – besides, Clara has already met all of his other incarnations. But would Coleman outstaying Capaldi be healthy for the series?

In the closing moments of ‘Last Christmas’ we met a wrinkly and slightly rubbery Clara. Some of us suspected that this scene might originally have been intended as a final tear-jerking goodbye to the popular companion. But this time round, will natural old age and death be Clara’s ultimate arrivederci? Or would that seem repetitive?

Ms. Oswald might meet a heroic death. Will she die saving the Earth or even the Doctor? The Great Moff in his current dark incarnation would not shy away from killing off a popular companion. Arguably, she deserves to leave with a bang, but will fandom recover? Some of us still have not got over Adric!

Maybe Clara will find happiness. Following in the footsteps of Jo, Leela and Martha, will she find true love? Will some handsome fellow sweep her off her feet and out of the Tardis? That special someone might even be Danny Pink, were they ever to reunite in heaven.

Will Clara leave to go on a mission? A hunt for some intergalactic holy grail? What if an alien race needs her help and ask her to stay? Alternatively, will she return to Earth and the child who Danny brought back to life? To find his parents or even bring him up?

As for kooky theories, could it be that Clara herself is “The Magician’s Apprentice”? Given her status as the Impossible Girl and her multiple trips along the Doctor’s timeline, she is the most appropriate candidate to be trained up by the Doctor and become a fully-fledged time traveller. Has she already overdosed on Artron energy? Is she becoming a Time Lady without even realising it? At the end of Series 9, she could even regenerate into Clara Mark II!

What if, inexplicably, at the start of Series 10, Clara is simply not there. The Doctor makes no mention of her, as if she had never existed. Burning with curiosity, we would only find out her fate at the end of the series, with a much yearned-for cameo by Ms. Coleman herself. Fandom would explode. That would be a fitting end for the popular companion. The most impossible departure of them all!


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