Roses are red!

Red is the colour of desire and passion, romance and joy, longing and love. Not unsurprisingly Saint Valentine’s Day is a visual feast of red – rose after rose and more hearts on display than on a Gallifreyan cardiology ward! 

Though the red flame of passion may have died down somewhat, let’s stay with the colour red. What role has it played in Doctor Who?

Let’s start with the obvious. The Eleventh Doctor’s fez.

And of course the Twelfth Doctor’s Pertweesque coat lining.

The big red button in “The Day of the Doctor”. It is quite a safe bet to say that several other red buttons have made an appearance or two in Doctor Who over the years.

The Red Kangs, one of three rival factions in “Paradise Towers”. Not infrequently would they chant, “Red Kangs! Red Kangs! Red Kangs are best!” and some fans saw red too!

“Ood eyes! Baby’s got Ood eyes!” The Oods’ eyes turn red when possessed.

In “Logopolis” Tegan’s auntie drove a red car. Aunt Vanessa found its backseat quite spacious, miniaturised as she was by the Master’s tissue compression eliminator. In “The Five Doctors” the First Doctor tries to cross a booby-trapped floor composed of white and red tiles which he incomprehensibly finds as “easy as Pi!” The Ninth Doctor implies that he is Father Christmas, telling Rose, “Who says I’m not? Red bicycle when you were twelve!” The Ice Warriors originate from Mars, otherwise known as the Red Planet. In “Gridlock” and later in “The End of Time” the Tenth Doctor recollects Gallifrey as having “slopes/pastures of deep red grass, capped with snow”.

Maybe it is better to stop here. There might be minotaurs on the prowl! But first, let’s get a little red-eyed and remember a certain companion from Series One. Roses are red? They most certainly are!


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