“Don’t blink!” we were all warned back in 2007 when we first encountered the terrible Weeping Angels. Last Christmas we received another another dire warning – this time, in order to protect ourselves against those clingy Dream Crabs, it was more of a case of “Don’t think!” And at the beginning of Series 8 “Don’t breathe!” was an admirable piece of advice for those wishing to avoid detection by any Clockwork Droids. 

If you think about it, Doctor Who is positively littered with quite a lot of things we aren’t actually supposed to do. Admittedly, not all involving life-threatening predicaments, but there really have been quite a lot of don’ts!

“Don’t be afraid!”, “Don’t be frightened!” the Doctor has reassured his companions. “Don’t be silly!” and “Don’t be ridiculous!” he has reprimanded. “Now now now, don’t be absurd!” from the First Doctor and “Don’t be clever, Strax! It doesn’t suit you!” from the Eleventh.
The Doctor always warns his companions, “Don’t go too far!” or “Don’t go wandering (or running) off!”. They inevitably do. “Don’t go in there!” and “Don’t go out there!” – you might get the impression that the Doctor would quite like his assistants just to stand still. Such a shame that Handles and Dorium Maldovar aren’t still with him! 

The don’ts don’t stop! “Don’t make a sound!”, “Don’t make a fuss!”, “Don’t make any sudden movements!” and again the First Doctor, “Child, don’t make so much noise!” We have “Don’t get emotional!” , “Don’t get exasperated!” and “Don’t get too close!” How many times have we heard “Don’t play games with me!”, “Don’t jump to conclusions!” and “Don’t move!”? Slowly but surely all these don’ts start to paint a picture of what kind of show Doctor Who actually is. One full of drama, excitement, conflict and suspense.  

But let’s not forget the more obscure examples. It’s time for a quiz!

Name the stories:

“Horses? In Perivale? Don’t be stupid!” 
“Don’t touch the baby!”
“No throw it, don’t eat it!”
“Don’t give me those big wet eyes, Raggedy Man!”
“Don’t stop me now!”
“Don’t sit there like a lot of frustrated penguins!”
“Please don’t kill me!”
“Stop, don’t pull that stone. Don’t!”
“Look, don’t call me Duchess!”
“Don’t get your delicates in a twist!”

And why not conclude with an apt comment from the First Doctor in “Planet of the Giants”?

“Oh don’t go on with these futile questions!”

Answers? Don’t hold your breath!

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