Silliness alert!

This week photos from Tenerife have brought some sunshine into our lives. 
We had felt a little bereft of Doctor Who news in January and February, but to our surprise filming photos have recently winged their way onto the Interweb all the way from Tenerife and brought some sunshine into Whovians’ lives. Spirits have been lifted with some glorious photos of Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez.

In order to keep our spirits high in the wait for even more new filming photos, let’s take a look back at some recent events, both in the Whovian and real world. They even overlap sometimes. Silliness alert!

Let’s start with the Eleventh Doctor’s farewell. Many fans were taken aback by the swiftness of Matt Smith’s regeneration (or should that be regenersneeze?)

A certain Series 8 episode makes fans worry about what is under their beds!

Excitement mounts in the wait for a certain guest singer’s appearance in “Mummy on the Orient Express”

What’s App users worry about their privacy.

Star Wars fans discover the full title of the new film in the saga – “The Force Awakens” 

Labour leader Ed Milliband reveals the mansion tax in the UK.

Even Doctor Who monsters spend too long on their mobile devices.

Everything changes with the Master’s new incarnation.

Sony cancels cinema release of “The Interview” for fear of North Korean reprisals.

A Whovian’s breakfast.

Troughton fans worry about the DVD release of “The Underwater Menace”

And finally back to Tenerife with a not so subtly cropped photo…

For more random leaps across the Whoniverse, just click the link below and follow


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