A Bed of Rose’s

This week the beds of Nu Who. 

Space. Planet Earth. We hurtle down towards it. A big red 7:30 fills our screens. It is Rose Tyler’s alarm clock beeping away. It must be time for her to wake up and it is certainly time for Doctor Who to awaken from many a long year of enforced slumber. For fans, life without the Doctor hasn’t been a bed of roses. But it most certainly is now!

Rose jumps out of her bed and in doing so symbolises the show bursting back into life. Classic Doctor Who may have begun its existence in a junkyard, but Nu Who most definitely kicks off in a bedroom. In 2005 Doctor Who was sci-fi lite “kitchen sink” drama, firmly rooted in reality, all council estates and beans on toast. Beds are part of the real world, so let’s celebrate ten years of them in Nu Who. Without further ado, let’s all jump into bed with the Doctor – figuratively speaking of course!

Patients with peculiar bedwear in “The Empty Child”.

A fan girl’s dream. The Tenth Doctor in bed in “The Christmas Invasion”

Something is ticking in Reinette’s bedroom in “The Girl in the Fireplace”

Elton Pope danced on his bed whenever ELO came on the radio in “Love and Monsters”

Ooh Miss Jones! Love-struck Martha gazes dreamily at the Doctor in “The Shakespeare Code”.

The Doctor looks quite pleased with this hospital bed in “Smith and Jones”.

One of the Doctor’s trickier moments in “Flesh and Stone”

Babysitting duties for the Doctor in “The Big Bang”

The Doctor has outgrown his cot in “A Good Man Goes to War”

Marital bliss in “Pond Life”?

Under the bed action in “The Power of Three”

Rory obviously hasn’t been moisturising in “The Angels Take Manhattan”

The Doctor thoughtfully provides Clara with some bedtime jammy dodgers in “The Bells of St. John”

A bedcover with a life of its own…

and some inconsiderate behaviour from Clara in “Listen”

Miss Oswald and her toyboy in “Last Christmas”

Have we put the subject to bed? Almost. Rose wakes up in hers after dreaming of Bad Wolf Bay in “Doomsday” and Rory is responsible for a ward of hospital beds (plus patients) before getting the sack in “The Eleventh Hour”. Amy is also a little concerned that Doctor gives Rory and herself a bunk bed to sleep in. The Doctor observes in “The Doctor’s Wife”, “Bunk beds are cool. A bed WITH A LADDER!”.

Any point in getting up for work in the department store today? Not really, the Doctor’s just gone and blown it up. Best stay in bed!


4 thoughts on “A Bed of Rose’s

  1. In Human Nature the 10th doctor first vake up in bed and later in the second part Family of Blod does he die in one when he get to see the life he could have lived as human.


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