This week we are looking at eggs and the Doctor. After all, it is Easter!

After viewing “Kill the Moon” some fans were up in arms at the scientifically implausible revelation that the moon was in fact an egg. But fifty years of Doctor Who have given us many eggs to crack…

The First Doctor’s food machine dispenses small edible blocks for Ian and Barbara which taste like bacon and eggs (The Dead Planet) and arguably a bad egg himself the Meddling Monk prepares the same breakfast for himself, this time with a frying pan, quite anachronistic for the eleventh century! (The Time Meddler) 

A miniaturised Tardis lands between the cracks of a garden patio and the Tardis crew find some seemingly enormous ant eggs (Planet of Giants)

“Phwoargh!” Jamie complains to the Second Doctor, as the Tardis lands on a planet smelling of sulphur. His kilted companion compares the unpleasant odour to that of bad eggs (The Krotons)

A egg-shaped container materialises in the Third Doctor’s laboratory, sent mysteriously by the Time Lords and which the Doctor has to deliver (The Mutants)

A giant maggot hatches from an egg and wriggles towards Jo in a highly dramatic cliffhanger (The Green Death) 

The Fourth Doctor encounters the Wirrn, a species which lays eggs inside host bodies in order to populate their race (The Ark in Space)

Inside the Matrix the Doctor steps into a big green egg and covers his leg with slime (The Deadly Assassin)

Professor Kerensky ages an egg into a chicken as part of Scaroth’s time experiments (City of Death) 

Erato travels to Chloris in a ship which is a woven egg of living metal (The Creature from the Pit)

Mestor, leader of the Gastropods, intends to explode Jaconda’s sun (with the help of some “egghead” twins) in order to spread Gastropod eggs throughout the universe (The Twin Dilemma)

It is an egg which represents the future of the Chimerons, which Queen Delta attempts to protect from the evil Bannermen (Delta and the Bannermen)

The Ninth Doctor jokes that humanity believes that eggs will bring about their destruction (The End of the World) 

The Tardis rejuvenates Margaret into a Raxacoricofallapatorian egg (Boomtown)

Sitting on a double decker bus, the Tenth Doctor chomps on a chocolate egg and wishes everyone a “Happy Easter” (Planet of the Dead)

It’s an “eggstravaganza” in Series 7A. The Eleventh Doctor wonders where Clara gets all the eggs for her soufflés. Rory has a misunderstanding with a Dalek and dangerously mistakes its rather slowly enunciated “Exterminate” for “Eggs” (Asylum of the Daleks). There are dinosaur eggs on board a spaceship (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship), the Doctor investigates an egg-shaped ship in (A Town Called Mercy) and Brian speculates that the mysterious black cubes which have appeared all over the planet may be alien eggs (The Power of Three).

In his final tale, the Eleventh Doctor explains the risks involved in vortex-cooking Clara’s Christmas turkey. “Exposure to the time winds. It’ll either come up a treat or just possibly lay some eggs!” (The Time of the Doctor)

Inspector Gregson tells Madame Vastra that the dinosaur which is stomping all over Victorian London has just laid an egg. The lizard lady replies, “It has dropped a blue box marked Police out of its mouth. Your grasp of biology, it troubles me!” (Deep Breath)
The shrunken Twelfth Doctor observes from his equally diminutive time machine, “The Tardis couldn’t boil an egg at the moment!” (Flatline) 

Have I overlooked any important egg-related moments from the show? I hope not. That would certainly leave me with egg on my face! 

Happy Easter!


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