Glory Days

This week Whovian Leap speculates on what Series 9 has in store for fans. 

If we think about it, new episodes of Doctor Who aren’t all that far off. If the last series is anything to go by, we just need to hang on till late August. We have been impatiently waiting for new episodes and the production crew have placated us with the occasional spoilerific tidbit of news. The Whovian paparazzi haven’t been inactive either, shamelessly sharing their juicy snaps with the Interweb.

In this week’s post I will give some of my own thoughts on Series 9, in the context of what fandom has now discovered. Spoilerphobes beware…

First up, Osgood, the chink of light in the darkness that was Series 8. I’d like to think that it was the fans’ uproar at her demise that led Steven Moffat to bring the Doctor’s biggest fangirl back. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the full time companion once Clara actually leaves.

At this point let’s take a closer look at the Doctor’s current companion herself. What are the odds on Oswald? I suspect she will leave in Series 9. After all, Clara has been with us since all the way back to September 2012! I hope she sticks around till at least the Christmas Special, if only to generate interest among the casual viewing public and boost ratings. 

Clara has never really shared a long run of adventures in time and space with the Doctor. She featured in Series 7A in just one episode and 7B was only eight episodes long. Series 8 saw her all too frequently popping back to her day job at Coal Hill. Fortunately this will change. Series exec Brian Minchin recently told SFX that Series 9 will be the “glory days of the Doctor and Clara”, quoting a Series 9 mission statement that they will go further in time and space.

I liken the situation to the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane. If Jon Pertwee had stayed on an extra year, the Doctor and Sarah would have abandoned Earth and headed out into space themselves, as the Fourth Doctor did. Can you imagine the Third Doctor in “Genesis of the Daleks”? Though if the Twelfth actually meets Davros, as is rumoured, we might end up with something similar! 

The mid-series Zygon episode appears to be Earth-based, however. I am expecting an action packed UNIT romp, along the lines of “The Sontaran Stratagem”, in order to reconnect with the casual viewer, in case the series has become too timey-wimey or spacey-wacey for their tastes.

What of the Doctor himself? I don’t mind the fact that we now have a dark, brooding Doctor. But I hope that his rudeness is dealt with in a more comedic fashion. He should be portrayed a grumpy yet funny old uncle who we can learn to love, warts and all. 

Paparazzi pics have revealed a slightly new look for the Doctor. Just as Pertwee’s hairstyle changed over time, Capaldi’s hair too is now looking longer and wilder. In some recent photos we see the Twelfth donning some distinctly scruffy Troughtonesque trousers. Just as we were getting used to a smart, slick and snazzily dressed Doctor, Moffat apparently confounds us and throws the concept out of the window.

One last observation. My Metebelis spider-sense is tingling. I feel a mini hiatus is on its way. A couple of specials at Easter and Christmas one year would certainly recreate interest in the show. But the question is when. Straight after Series 9 seems too soon. 

If Capaldi does a three full series – and who knows – even specials, would subsequent to them be the right moment for a break? It would certainly lead into the perfect opportunity to relaunch the series post-hiatus with a new Doctor. Are we jumping the gun? Maybe, but we already know from the wikileaked Sony shenanigans that the BBC has got a long term plan for Doctor Who. These conversations will certainly have been had.

We should have about three months to go before Series 9 airs. We will certainly learn much more about the upcoming episodes before the series even starts. Who knows if any of our predictions turn out to be true. Whatever happens, one thing is certain. Speculating about future Doctor Who is just as much fun as reflecting on its glorious past.

It’s just what Whovians do.

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