Stay Daft!

This week Whovian Leap reflects on some wise words from Steven Moffat.

In Issue 488 of Doctor Who Magazine showrunner Steven Moffat makes a highly perceptive observation on Whovian behaviour – “Knowing every detail about an early evening Saturday adventure serial is a pleasant but extremely daft thing to do!”

This comes as a timely reminder to fans not to take our favourite show quite so seriously. Stories like “Love and Monsters” (above) and  “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” (below) have drawn attention to and parodied us when we become too extreme in our behaviour. Some introspection is called for.

With that in mind, we should never allow Doctor Who or fandom to become a “battlefield”. Is a ceasefire in order? In the rather shouty words of the Seventh Doctor, “There! Will! Be! No Battle! Here!”

May there be an end to:

Rivalry between Nu Who and Classic Fans. 

RTD/Moff bashing. 

Excessive competitiveness between fan sites.

Überfans with bloated egos, both old school and new, lording it over the Whoniverse.

Arguments over missing episodes. 

Rows over terminology such as “Nu-Who” or even “Whovian” itself. 

Let’s try and be positive! Shouldn’t Whovianism be about sharing our love for the show and making new friends? Isn’t it about unleashing the creativity within and expressing ourselves through cosplay, fan-fiction and memes? Shouldn’t there be a friendly exchange of differing opinions without ever being offensive? We should always ask ourselves what the Doctor would say or do, and aspire to be like him.

For many, however, Doctor Who is a much simpler affair – just Saturday night telly, forty five minutes of pure escapist fun. Those of us who take the show just a little too seriously should remember Steven Moffat’s wish for Doctor Who – “May it stay daft forever!”. Let’s continue to enjoy the show, but without all the griping and bickering. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously and – what better way to put it – stay daft!

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