Spreading like Wildfire!

This week Whovian Leap investigates the “GrowingUpWhovian” hashtag which has taken Twitter by storm.

Fans of Twitter might have noticed this week how “growing up” hashtags have been spreading like wildfire across the social network. Whovians have jumped on board too. Type “growingupwhovian” into Twitter and you will be inundated with fans’ Doctor Who memories. Younger fans are nostalgic, for example, about Captain Jack’s first appearance and Totally Doctor Who, whereas Classic Series fans fondly remember Target novels and Longleat.

It all started a few days ago on Twitter when two young fans Beth and Josh started to share their Doctor Who memories under the hashtag “growingupwhovian”. It wasn’t long before others joined in and within minutes the hashtag had gone viral. Big names such as Blogtor, Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman, among others, wrote their memories too. The hashtag is still going strong and is well worth a read. It is incredible how many common memories and experiences we share.

Interestingly, does the existence of the hashtag finally prove that ‘Whovian’ has become the accepted term to mean Doctor Who fan? In all the pages and pages of recollections only a few objected to it.  

So what more can I say? Check out #growingupwhovian !

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