Terminate Terminate!

This week it’s Genisys not Genesis as Whovian Leap takes a step outside the Whoniverse. 

Surely I’m not the only Whovian who has seen “Terminator Genisys” at the cinema just because Matt Smith happens to be in it? Whatever your opinion of the latest blockbuster in the “Terminator” series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it certainly does offer more than enough to keep your average Joe Whovian satisfied. Slight spoilers ahead! 

Matt’s appearances in the film are brief, but significant to the plot. He flexes his acting muscles fleetingly and turns in a convincing performance with an American twang. His later scenes are somewhat “pixelated” and he looks a little more CGI than we are used to, but hey – at least he’s not sporting a rubber mask! As the closing credits roll, he is listed as Matthew Smith, which begs the question why.

What else would a Doctor Who fan appreciate in the film? Well, it is incredibly timey-wimey. After watching “Genisys”, you’ll never accuse Steven Moffat of writing complicated plots again.

It may seem odd but “Genisys” shares a lot with “Deep Breath”. Our hero is back, but he looks older. Am I talking Terminator or Twelvsie? It could be either.

A lead character doesn’t have a stitch to wear, so he pilfers some rags from a poor tramp, but am I talking Kyle or Capaldi? Again it really could be either. 

What’s more, the film features robots which are part human, not a million light years away from the Clockwork Droids.

Are there any other similarities? Well, the film throws up some parenthood-related revelations for one of the characters, which brings the River Song/ Amy and Rory plotline to mind.

Is the film actually worth watching? I would disagree with a lot of the poor reviews and answer in the affirmative. “Genisys” is a roller-coaster ride of a movie with mind-blowing CGI. The computer rendering of a youthful Arnie in his prime makes me wish that BBC Wales had the cash to splash out and CGI Bill, Pat and Jon back into Who. 

The plot is complex, but “Genisys” sweeps audiences along, giving them no time to even try to begin to work out what on earth is going on. The violence in the film makes “The Deadly Assassin” seem tame, so be warned, if you are a reincarnation of Mary Whitehouse, this cinematic offering is not for you.

So as you wait for Series 9 and the Skarosian pepperpots to glide into view, just take the “ex” out of “exterminate” and check out “Terminator: Genisys” if only to see our much-missed Eleventh and enjoy the film from a Whovian slant. 


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