The Missy Mystery

This week Whovian Leap speculates on Missy’s role in Series 9.

Doctor Who producer, Brian Minchin, spoke earlier this year to SFX on the future of the Doctor’s arch nemesis: “Missy is brilliant and having seen her in the finale we just couldn’t wait to work with Michelle again. Steven had the perfect story. It’s not going to be Missy as you expect her to be. Steven likes to surprise everyone and he’s going to do that with this opening. Missy has an awful lot of sides to her and we’re going to see some new ones in this series. We also learn a bit more about her relationship with the Doctor.”

These teasers are especially intriguing in the context of some earlier speculation back in March on the Time Lady in question. A seemingly implausible fan-piece appeared on Movie Pilot entitled “Missy is the new companion!” and it met with some sceptical comments from its readers. Two days later, the story was then picked up by Digital Fix, “Has a Second Doctor Who Companion Been Revealed?” and then Kasterborous, “Series 9 – Second Companion Rumours”. 

In the light of Minchin’s comments, is Missy as companion now so implausible? Can we give the initial rumours more credence? The Doctor and Master have fought on the same side before. In “Logopolis” they worked together to save the universe. In “The Five Doctors” the Time Lords sent the Master into the Death Zone to aid the Doctor. They both shared a common foe, the Valeyard, in “The Ultimate Foe”.

This year there seems to have been fewer filming photos than in previous years. Is it possible that actress Michelle Gomez has filmed scenes for other episodes, as well as those for the opening story, hidden away in the studios? Will she become a fully-fledged companion, merely a recurring character like Danny Pink or neither? Who knows? It isn’t the first time that the Doctor has had a rogue companion on board the Tardis. Turlough started his travels with the Fifth Doctor trying to kill him!

Whatever happens, Series 9 is not so far away and the true dynamic between the Twelfth Doctor and Missy will be revealed!


One thought on “The Missy Mystery

  1. Man I totally speculated that The Valeyard might play a role in series 9, that was really cool to see here as well! I have a feeling that the Master will never reform, but I won't be surprised if they have to work together in some capacity.

    I'm MUCH more interested in the question of the Doctor's face. I hope this plays out as well. I can't exactly created an argument for Missy having something to do with that, but I have one of those feelings. But here's what I think so far about the Doctor's face.

    Just three weeks until we find out!!


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