From Corbyn to Capaldi…

This week it’s quite an unlikely leap from reality into the Whoniverse.
Those who hold an interest in UK politics will no doubt be aware that radical new Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has just revealed his new shadow cabinet (his team of opposition spokespeople and not an evil Tardis!). The highly popular left-winger’s choice of allies has given political analysts a taste of what is to come. There will be plenty of room for debate and speculation, with as much passion and excitement as a brand new episode of Doctor Who stirs up among Whovians. 

Just as Jeremy Corbyn has recently given us the names of those who will work alongside him, the BBC and Steven Moffat have today announced the titles of all the Series 9 episodes. Fans have already enjoyed teasers and hints aplenty of what they can expect from the opening episode of Series 9, “The Magician’s Apprentice”. It is effectively a list of exciting ingredients for a potentially mind-blowing cocktail. The Doctor and Clara. Missy and Kate Stewart. The Daleks and Skaro. Let’s take a look at each of the constituent parts which make up this explosive mix.

First the Doctor. Judging by the trailer and the prologue he comes across as softer, gentler and infinitely more huggable than in Series 8. This is a wise move on the part of the production crew. An unlikeable Doctor will only alienate audiences. 

Clara Oswald’s return will send the majority of fans and members of the viewing public into ecstasy. Arguably she has become as big as Rose or even Sarah Jane herself. Viewers identify with her and see events through her eyes. Alongside Clara we have grown accustomed to this tricky new Doctor. It is almost as if to say, if she can come to love this new incarnation, then so can we. 

Missy and her evil antics are highly welcome, as is the Brigadier’s no-nonsense daughter, Kate Stewart. Recurring non-companion characters help generate a sense of comfortable familiarity within the show, yet at the same time create a sense of excitement and anticipation. The Third Doctor had UNIT. The Tenth encountered Captain Jack and Sarah Jane. The Eleventh was aided by River Song and Rory’s dad, Brian. Missy and Kate are simply following in their noble footsteps.  

Daleks are always a trump card and an undoubted crowd pleaser. What’s more, in Nu Who fans haven’t seen anything like near enough of the Dalek’s home planet Skaro. With these two elements alone, how can the opening episode fail? Speculation is also rife that the story will hold some connection to Fourth Doctor adventure “Genesis of the Daleks”. Next Saturday we will all be sitting on the edge of our seats to find out whether this is true and, if so, exactly how. 

Political analysts are anxious to discover what the future holds for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Whovians are excited about Series 9 opener “The Magician’s Apprentice”. Both categories are equally passionate.

A final consideration. We have an older and more senior figure. An unlikely hero who commands respect and fights for his principles. Someone who doesn’t mind being unpopular. Are we talking about Corbyn or Capaldi’s Doctor? Whatever your political views, it is hard to deny that it really could be either.  

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