Sweet Consolation

Whovian Leap is still smiling about the reappearance of the classic console room.

It looks so right. It is so right. So normal. So natural. So Who. It has only taken ten years but at last the real Doctor Who console room is back with us. The original, you might say!

Just one snag. C&A (Clara and Ashildr, not that Coats An’ ‘Ats shop!) have flown off with it, but there is nothing to stop the Doctor changing his own Tardis’s “desktop theme”. Or maybe even just the one in the secondary console room. 

Surely now that we have feasted our eyes on the classic interior in all its sparkling white glory, we can’t say goodbye to it for another 26 years. So in Series 10 let’s bring the classic console room back again! Mr Moffat, you know it makes sense. There are so many reasons and here are some in no particular order…

When the Tardis interior is minimalistic, viewers are able to concentrate on the actors, the action and the dialogue taking place within its roundelled walls. 

White is a colour which has always been associated with hi-tech, modernity, space travel and science fiction. Just think of IPhones, space shuttles and – why not – even the Starship Enterprise!

Old school fans are reassured that Nu Who – despite all the changes like snogging, 45 minute episodes and the companion’s family members – is still their beloved old show .

Retro is cool. Nuff said.

More is less. Who knows what lies behind the roundels or through the doors which lead off into the Tardis. Our dreams and imagination are the limit.

The twinkling of the lights and the colourful flare effect are beautiful to behold and white reinforces the colours the Doctor and companion are wearing.

And finally the BBC don’t have to spend any more of the precious TV licence payers’ money. The classic Tardis set has already been built and resources can be spent elsewhere, such as new monsters and SFX.

But not all fans agree. On a recent Twitter poll fans voted against a return to the classic console room, albeit by a very small margin.

Though, in my humble opinion, the classic Tardis interior is the “heart and console” of the show! 


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