And now we wait!

Gallifrey. The High Council has just sent the Master into the Death Zone to aid the Doctors using a power-boosted open-ended transmat beam. The Gallifreyan renegade fades away and the Castellan tells Chancellor Flavia and President Borusa, who are also present in the conference room, “And now we wait!” These words may have crossed fans’ minds as the credits rolled on “The Husbands of River Song”. 

Nobody in their maddest Whovian dreams was expecting a trailer for Series 10 on Christmas Day. It’s impossible – we don’t even know when the next series starts filming. Some fans may have hoped for a “Doctor Who will return in 2016” to reassuringly emblazon their screens. It did not.  

However this is by no means a repeat of the wilderness years. It is a mini-hiatus at worst. At the back of our minds we know that the show will eventually return. There is no cause for concern. We may have a long wait ahead of us, but just think, the Doctor and River themselves are pleasantly whiling away no less than twenty four years at the Singing Towers of Darillium and we don’t hear them complaining. Time flies when you are having fun (and incidentally that sounds like the perfect tagline for Series 10!).

So what are the equally delightful pursuits that can Whovians indulge in?

Let’s start with the most obvious. Why not watch an old episode? Maybe a golden oldie you haven’t seen before or at least for a very long time. You could even rewatch a supposed clunker, like “Underworld” or “The Gunfighters” and then reassess it. 

Discover a new Doctor Who podcast. There are an infinity of them out there. Some informative, some amusing, all tastes are catered for. “Radio Free Skaro”, “Tin Dog Podcast”, “The Flashing Blade Podcast”, “Staggering Stories” and Starburst’s “The Blue Box Podcast” are my favourites. 

Read a Target novelisation and relive one of the classic stories in written form. Some novels are faithful representations of the original TV stories, whilst others develop a life of their own as the author fleshes out the bones of a televised adventure, delving deeper into the plot and the characters’ backgrounds. 

Listen to a Big Finish audio adventure. Almost always enjoyable, it is up to each and every one of us whether they are canon or not.

Rewatch “Torchwood” or the “Sarah Jane Adventures” from start to end. Dust off those box-sets which have been lying unloved on our Doctor Who shelves for way too long. 

Watch a reconstruction of “missing episode” on YouTube. Animation or ‘telesnaps’ help bring the original story back to life. As we listen to the original audio, all we have to do is occasionally glance at the screen, then close our eyes and leave our imaginations to do the rest. 

Travel back in time through the Whoniverse by reading a back issue of Doctor Who Magazine or maybe you can get your hands on an ‘antique’ Doctor Who Weekly. 

Discover a new Doctor Who site online. Or why not stick around here? Just click for over 150 Doctor Who articles to explore. There’s a new one every week, you know!

Whatever you decide to do, one thing is for sure. As soon as a new companion is cast and filming starts, Doctor Who will hit the headlines and all the speculation will kick off again.

In conclusion, let’s get back to the High Council on Gallifrey. Borusa tells the Castellan and Flavia that he prefers to wait alone. Maybe he doesn’t want to be disturbed as he finishes off a Target novel!


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