The Coming of Chibnall

Exciting, isn’t it? Doctor Who never fails to shock and surprise us. Totally out of the Tardis blue last night Chris Chibnall was announced as the new showrunner of Doctor Who. The BBC also confirmed what we had all feared since Private Eye set the cat among the pigeons last summer when it accurately revealed that there would be no series in 2016. But that’s OK. We had all got used to the idea anyway. The very fact that Doctor Who can still stir up such a commotion online is no mean feat and proof – if any be needed – of the robust health of the show after all these years.

Steven Moffat’s final series will air in Spring 2017 and that’s not so far away. It won’t be too long before filming pics pop up on the Internet to keep us amused. And all those DVDs and books on our beloved Doctor Who shelves are not just for decorative purposes, are they? If not now, when is the time to rewatch a classic or reread a Target novel?

Moffat’s legacy is massive. He cast two Doctors. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi. The showrunner took Doctor Who to the States and turned it into a global phenomenon. The word “Moffat” was even trending abroad last night. Maybe his greatest success was keeping Doctor Who alive after RTD and David Tennant left. Some of the upper echelons in the BBC thought that Doctor Who couldn’t continue after these gargantuans of Who had closed the Tardis doors behind them. Steven Moffat proved them wrong.

Chris Chibnall is totally and utterly the right man for the job. Who else has the writing credentials and klout in the TV world to do the job? This is the guy behind Broadchurch. He helped run Torchwood. Let’s not forget his latest Doctor Who episodes, “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” and “The Power of Three”, both polished, slick and wholly entertaining.

More importantly he loves Doctor Who as much as Steven Moffat and RTD do themselves. He grew up as a fan. We all remember him as a teenager when he took classic series writers Pip and Jane Baker to task on live TV. Chris Chibnall will always act in the best interests of the show. He will never let Doctor Who be damaged. Fans need not worry about the show’s future. To quote the Tenth Doctor, “It is defended.”


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