Top of the Class!

This week Whovian Leap takes a look at the new Doctor Who spin-off “Class”.

Some fans might quite understandably be a little miffed that there is going to be very little Doctor Who on TV this year. But perhaps they will be able to take solace from BBC3’s Doctor Who spin-off “Class” which began filming this week.

Soon we will return to our beloved “Coal Hill”, the school where we first met Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright all those years ago in 1963. Nu Who fans will never forget that Clara Oswald and Danny Pink also taught in the very same teaching establishment.

Why might “Class” be good for Doctor Who? 

By granting Doctor Who a spin-off, the BBC has demonstrated its total faith in Doctor Who as a successful flagship series. Back in the late 80s the BBC was almost embarrassed by Doctor Who and wanted it to fail. The very existence of “Class” is proof that those dark days are long gone and is almost a two-fingers to those who talk of falling ratings. 

“Class” will not only create its own audience, but also attract a new younger demographic to Doctor Who. It might win back young fans who miss the younger heart-throb/boyfriend Doctors, Tennant and Smith.

And if the Twelfth Doctor actually makes an appearance in “Class”, young fans will be able to get to know his funnier, cuddlier, rockstar side, first seen in Series 9. What’s more, if the on-screen kids from Class hero worship the Doctor, there will surely be a copycat effect among younger viewers at home. 

Others will argue that the Twelfth is already loved by young Whovians and that “Class” will further consolidate Peter Capaldi’s widespread popularity among them. Just consider the staggeringly warm welcome for “Doctor Misterio” who landed at Mexico City airport last month. Swamped by fans and photographers, Capaldi was in his element and happily signed autographs for everyone. Few boy-bands would be able to stir up the fervour and excitement witnessed that evening. 

“Class” will keep Doctor Who in the public eye whilst the Doctor Who team prepare Steven Moffat’s farewell Series 10 to the show. Alongside an imminent announcement about the Doctor’s new companion, “Class” will keep both press and fans alike speculating about all the goings-on in the Whoniverse. And before we know it, it will be Christmas and Doctor Who will be back on our screens.

A final thought. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if William Russell’s Ian Chesterton could pop up in “Class” and, why not, even meet the Doctor? That would certainly place this new show as top of the class among spin-offs! 


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