Top Billing!

The Doctor is back. And this time he’s not alone! Whovian Leap reacts to “Friend from the Future”.

The Doctor and companion. Running up and down corridors. Chased by Daleks. In this wilderness year last Saturday’s injection of Whovian goodness was just what the Doctor ordered.

It was something that had never been done before. A minisode was broadcast to introduce a brand new companion onto an unsuspecting public. Not to mention some potentially bewildered football fans! 

Barely lasting two minutes, this scene from a “future episode” threw us straight into the action. It was the perfect launch for Pearl Mackie as Bill. The Doctor and his assistant, in extreme danger, fighting against the odds is quite simply classic Doctor Who and, what’s more, makes for perfect dialogue and rapport between them. I was reminded of the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane hiding from the Raston Warrior robot in “The Five Doctors”. Bill was able to show a wide range of companion traits in little over 124 seconds. She asked questions, showed attitude and provided a connection with the audience.

I like Bill. She is the right choice. Social networks had been predicting Rakhee Thakrar to step aboard the Tardis and so Pearl Mackie came as a bolt straight out of the blue. Hip and trendy, down with the kids, she is just what the show needs now. Wacky and fun, we have a modern day Ace in the making, even down to the one-syllable name. A new companion launched in the middle of a football match? Well, quite that’s quite simply both back of the net and top of the bill! 


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