Ice Hot!

This week “Thin Ice” has Whovian Leap jumping for joy on the frozen Thames – let’s hope it doesn’t crack!

One of the most common complaints lodged against outgoing show-runner, Steven Moffat, is the complexity of Doctor Who stories on his watch. Whether you agree or not, there is no doubt that so far Series 10 has given us pleasingly linear plots which are easier to follow than we are used to. “Thin Ice” is no exception.

Arguably the best so far this series, the story was “Ice Hot!”, if you pardon my Kang.

Frustratingly for myself, this enjoyable historical story feels almost like the much-missed “pure historicals”, were it not for that pesky beastie under the Thames. 

This week’s bad guy is a real nasty piece of work and deserves his punch on the nose, though it is a shock to the system to see the Doctor behave so violently.

The lavish costumes and settings are a joy to behold and the underwater effects are so stunning that it almost makes me wish for Chris Chibnall to make a sequel to “The Underwater Menace”!

The relationship between the Doctor and Bill continues to blossom. With every scene, I become more and more convinced that Steven Moffat made the right choice when casting Pearl Mackie. 

The scenes of the Twelfth Doctor reading to the street urchins brings a gulp to the throat – it is great to see a more loveable version of this incarnation, as he casts off his Series 8 grumpiness. It must have been one of hell of a regeneration to make him so unlikeable for so long!

“Thin Ice” winds up with Nardole fretting outside the vault. Just what is in there?! The Master, Susan, a regenerating Doctor? Time will tell. This is exactly the kind of story arc I like, light and inobtrusive, which doesn’t impact on the main story.

And next Saturday Series 10 will treat us to another Earth-based adventure. Here’s hoping for a Pertwee vibe as we wonder who is knocking at the door!


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