This week Whovian Leap wonders if it’s not just the incomplete stories, but fandom itself that is getting a little bit animated!

Some of the more enthusiastic – or maybe insomniac – of us stayed up the other night to find out what Doctor Who midnight revelation was in store for us. Yes, we had heard the rumours, seen an a certain actor’s CV and read the gossipy tweets. But were we right?

Midnight came and a deluge of news poured predictably forth from our beloved Who sites, all breaking the big story of the night. At long last here it was. Shada! Shada. Again? We’ve had VHS, Big Finish, überfan and online versions, and a novelisation to boot. It’s not quite Fifty Shadas of Grey, but nearly. And my pun fails again miserably, if we consider that this new version is in colour, boasting existing footage upgraded to HD, animation of missing scenes and newly recorded dialogue by the original actors.

Fan reaction has been a little muted in some quarters. Some of us wanted missing black and white episodes from the Sixties to be brought back to life. Popular choices for animation are the sorely missed “Marco Polo”, “Evil of the Daleks” and “The Abominable Snowmen”.

But before a proper Whovian huff sets in, maybe we should remember that though Marco may roam it, it is money that makes the world go round. Tom Baker appearing in a Douglas Adams story on location in Cambridge is irresistible. It will sell.

We don’t how “Power of the Daleks” performed in terms of sales, but “Shada” is likely to do better. We can’t let this exciting project of animating Classic Who fail. We must support it. After all, if we don’t, who will? If Shada is what it takes to keep the project going, then so be it.

And then, maybe one day we will actually see Marco Polo globe-trotting in glorious technicolour and Yeti stomping around HD Himalayas. Let’s not vent our frustration too soon. For the sake of future animated Who, we should clasp our hands to our lips and “shadap”!


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