All for One!

This week Whovian Leap is feeling twitchy!

We all know that Doctor Who fans are a pretty divided bunch. However a couple of surprising events this year might have done something to bring us all together.

A few months back Doctor Who Target Novelisations made their glorious return, allowing Nu Who fans to relive their favourite Doctor Who stories in printed form. A buzz of nostalgia overwhelmed older generations of fans, as they remembered popping down to WHSmith’s to find out which of the Doctor’s adventures would at long last be brought back to life, in those distant days before videos, DVDs and the Internet.

As they always did, these new Target novelisations flesh out the original adventures as we get inside the characters’ heads and fascinating story details are added. Target Books are a good thing. On that all of fandom can agree. And agreement on anything among fans is a very rare thing and surely has to be appreciated.

Then, very recently, and very much out of the blue, “Doctor Who on Twitch” burst into life and a little miracle happened. ”Kidz” en masse around the world have started watching Classic Doctor Who online. They have started to realise why older fans have such deep love for classic Doctor Who. And older fans have felt touched that their beloved episodes are being rediscovered and adored.

A brand new generation of fans has invented new memes and hashtags for a rickety old black and white tv show. “London 1965” and “He knows” are a thing. We all love but now we “ship” Ian and Barbara. Ian’s thumb has taken on new significance. “The Web Planet” has been trending on Twitter. All thanks to TwitchChat taking Doctor Who to new levels of interactivity.

Every other Twitch comment is comedy gold. Accepted fan wisdom is being challenged. Has it taken us over fifty years to realise that “The Web Planet” is actually any good? Old and young, we are all gaining new insights into Doctor Who.

By the time Series 11 airs, drops or whatever, who knows how many “new” new fans will be on board thanks to Twitch? And after these Target n’ Twitch bonding experiences, perhaps now we might all get on a little better. All for One, And One for All! And I’m not just talking about the universal love for Billy Hartnell!


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