Hey Macrarena!

This week Whovian Leap has been feeling a bit crabby!

It’s been a few months now since those pesky “Macra Terror” rumours first started to circulate. Word had it that the long lost early Troughton tale was going to be animated. But was it true? Those supposedly in the know were keeping tight-lipped. It was almost as if that classic line “There is no such thing as Macra!” was spookily real.

The rumours persisted, the more spoilerific sites and networks gossiped away and we all got back to other more pressing business – that small matter of Series 11!

Then yesterday, to our joy, the rumours turned out to be true and the animation of “The Macra Terror” was officially announced with an exciting image of the Second Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly in glorious Troughtonesque technicolour, that unusual phenomenon first seen in the recent animation of “The Power of the Daleks”.

What treats are in store? Fingers crossed, this will be pure Scooby Who! A good old fashioned Doctor Who adventure with cartoon graphics worthy of the investigative hound himself. Many of us grew up with cartoons, many of us watch them – so a version of “The Macra Terror” lovingly and painstakingly animated by artists who are both professionals and fans, is a Whovian dream come true.

The original would have had a certain spooky and suspenseful atmosphere that only black and white can provide. Maybe the decor was a little wibbly-wobbly and the SFX lacking by modern day standards, but now, thanks to clever artistry and cutting edge computer generated graphics, who knows what visual wonders lie in store!

The pace of the tale may be slower than what we are used to nowadays, but younger Whovians will surely get their pincers into this story with as much appetite as those with a regeneration or two behind them. The excitement that we all feel right now reminds us of the exquisite and quite unique joy of being a Whovian!

And what will the Macra look like in this new version? What will we see of the Second Doctor’s Tardis? How faithful will the story be to those tantalising telesnaps? And is it 2019 yet?!

And so, out of the mists of time “The Macra Terror” returns to us! Many of Troughton’s early tales are still sadly missing, but very soon – at long last – we will be able to say, “Macra? There IS such a thing!!”


(Apologies to Los Del Rio!)

Doctor Who: The Macra Terror will be released on digital download, DVD (RRP £20.42), Blu-ray (RRP £25.52) and special edition Steelbook (RRP £40.84) on March 18, 2019.


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